Can babies be malnourished if they only drink breast milk?

WHO recommends that infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, and can be fed without water, food, or drinks except for some nutritional supplements, at which time exclusive breastfeeding can meet the nutritional needs of infants. However, if breast milk is not sufficient or the mother is not suitable for breastfeeding, formula should be added in time to avoid malnutrition of the baby.
When the baby reaches the age of 6 months and above, complementary foods should be added on top of breast milk. As the age increases, the frequency, quantity and variety of food should be increased accordingly to meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s daily activities, growth and development.
In addition, during the growth and development of the child, parents are advised to bring their children to the pediatric institution for regular medical checkups to record and track the growth and development of the child, so as to detect any growth lag or malnutrition early.

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