Can meningeal irritation be completely cured?

Whether meningeal irritation is completely cured depends on the primary disease.
Generally speaking, septic meningitis has a high mortality and disability rate. Whether a patient can be completely cured depends on the number of bacteria, the patient’s immunity, and the treatment status.
Whether or not tuberculous meningitis can be cured depends on the patient’s age, condition and promptness of treatment. Most patients can recover after regular and aggressive anti-tuberculosis treatment and are at low risk of reoccurrence of meningeal irritation. Novel cryptococcal meningitis tends to be more severe and poorly treated, and patients may have recurrent episodes of the disease for several years.
Viral meningitis is a self-limiting disease, and with aggressive treatment patients can recover completely with a better prognosis. Subarachnoid hemorrhage has an overall poor prognosis, and patients are at risk of rebleeding after cure and may have recurrent signs of meningeal irritation.

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