Can moxibustion be used for lung cancer?

    Therefore, lung cancer is a disease caused by deficiency, and the deficiency causes actuality, which is a disease of general deficiency and local actuality. The deficiency of lung cancer is mostly Yin deficiency, Qi and Yin deficiency, while the actuality is no more than the pathological changes of Qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm coagulation, and toxin accumulation. The location of the disease is in the lung, but because the liver is the main drainage, the spleen is the main transport of water and dampness, the kidney is the main steam of water, so it is closely related to the liver, spleen and kidney.  Moxibustion acupuncture points: lung point, paste blind point, zhongfu point, hole most point, zhongbei point, guangyuan point, foot three miles, spleen Yu, kidney Yu moxibustion time: moxibustion a week off 1 day, 1 time a day; each time each point moxibustion 30 minutes.  Suggestions: 1, quit smoking and alcohol; avoid eating cold and fried food.  2, mugwort foot soak at night to replenish the blood, the water temperature to not more than 50 ° is good, to the body slightly sweating is good. Then massage the foot acupuncture points.

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