Can we rule out hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy if there was an unstable fetal heart before delivery and the general condition was normal after birth?

Unstable fetal heartbeat does not necessarily mean that intrauterine distress has occurred. If there is no additional advice from the doctor and there are no symptoms for the time being, you can not worry excessively.
However, there are a few children who have already suffered from hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in utero, but the symptoms are not obvious at birth, and gradually develop signs and symptoms of neurological damage such as abnormal muscle tone and convulsions in the weeks or months after birth. It is recommended to observe the baby’s mental state, milk intake and growth milestones and other basic conditions when caring for the child, and if there is excessive or flaccid muscle tone in the limbs, frequent convulsions, excessive excitement or In case of hypertonia or weakness of the limbs, frequent convulsions, excessive excitement or lethargy, etc., consult the pediatrician.

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