Care measures for acute disorders of consciousness

Once a patient is found to be drowsy, comatose and other signs of severe impairment of consciousness, the family or those close to the patient should take the following measures.
First move the patient to a safe environment so that the patient is in a recumbent or semi-recumbent position as far as possible and keep the patient’s head to one side to ensure unobstructed breathing.
Next, immediately check the patient’s breathing, pulse and heartbeat. If they are all gone, the patient is not simply unconscious and needs immediate CPR.
It is important to note that for unconscious patients, calling and stimulation alone will not wake them up and prompt medical attention is crucial. Therefore, it is important to ask for help and call 120 immediately while doing the above.
During the consultation, family members or those familiar with the situation should cooperate with the doctor in the examination and questioning of the patient to help him/her determine the possible causes of the disorder and the specific circumstances of the attack so that he/she can take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

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