Differential diagnosis of dry and crusty nasal passages

       If the nasal cavity feels dry and crusty for a long time, it proves that the physiological environment in your nasal cavity has changed and the nasal self-protection system has started to have problems, which may lead to rhinitis if not given enough attention. The following are a few of the easily confused symptoms.

1, nasal dryness nasal dryness, the name of the disease. Also known as nasal dryness, nasal dryness. It refers to the dryness of the nasal cavity. It is mostly due to dry heat injury to the lungs, heat in the lungs or heat in the stomach, but there are also lung Qi deficiency and dry nose.

2.Nasal obstruction during inspiration The clinical manifestation of nasal valve area stenosis is mainly nasal obstruction during inspiration, both unilateral and bilateral.

3, nasal congestion in the lower nasal cavity when lying on the side Alternating nasal congestion: the nasal cavity located on the lower side often becomes more obstructed when lying on the side. After transferring to the other side, the nasal cavity just located on the upper side without nasal congestion or nasal congestion is lighter, and after transferring to the lower side, nasal congestion or nasal congestion is increased. The nasal cavity that was located on the lower side just now has less nasal congestion. In addition, the sense of smell may be diminished to different degrees, and the speech is occlusive nasal sound. Due to the long-term flow of nasal mucus through the nasal vestibule and the upper lip, it can cause dermatitis or eczema, mostly seen in children. The nasal discharge may flow backward into the pharyngeal cavity, and symptoms such as cough and phlegm may appear. This is one of the clinical symptoms of patients with chronic simple rhinitis.

4, dry rhinitis is generally considered to be caused by long-term external physical or chemical stimulation, such as long-term mechanical stimulation of dust, the impact of overheated and dry air, etc.. This disease is a common occupational chronic rhinitis.


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