Eating more cauliflower is good for lung cancer

  Lung cancer is a wasting disease and it is common for patients to have unbalanced nutrition, therefore, it is very important for them to improve their appetite and strengthen their nutrition. So, how should the diet of lung cancer patients be reasonably arranged?  Patients must eat sufficient amount of lean meat, eggs and milk every day to supplement protein; eat more cruciferous plants, such as cauliflower and cabbage, to improve the immunity of the body and fight against cancer cells; shiitake mushrooms and fungus can not only improve immunity, but also nourish Yin and moisten lungs, which are also the priority choices of patients. Those foods that are high in cholesterol, cold and salty should be eaten less, otherwise they are not conducive to patients’ recovery.  We recommend two recipes for lung cancer patients: First, boil 1 pound of ribs with water, then add 1D2 pounds of radish (white and green radish are both acceptable) and continue to boil until the radish becomes rotten. You can add some seasoning, but do not add more ginger, pepper, Chinese herbs, cinnamon, etc., to prevent sweating and panic.  Second, scrambled eggs with black fungus, the practice is similar to scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Black fungus can pass through the lung meridian, while eggs can replenish lung qi, the two synergistically, which is beneficial to patients.

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