How long does it take for blood stasis in the eyes to go away?

If there is bruising on the surface of the eye or eyelid, usually seen in trauma to the eye, the recovery time depends on the amount of bleeding. If there is only a small amount of bleeding, it is usually absorbed gradually and returns to normal in 1 to 2 weeks. If the bleeding is more extensive, such as bleeding throughout the subconjunctiva or a hematoma forming under the eyelid skin, it is possible that the recovery time will be longer, lasting 3 weeks or more.
Therefore, in order to minimize the duration of the disease, active treatment can be carried out. Generally, within 24 hours of the early injury, local cold compresses can be applied to avoid rebleeding; after 48 hours, local hot compresses can be gradually applied to promote the absorption of the bleeding, which can reduce the symptoms and shorten the recovery time of the disease.

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