How to determine early brain haemorrhage

A brain stem haemorrhage is a type of brain haemorrhage and a brain haemorrhage is a type of stroke, which can be quickly identified by following the “120” recipe for identifying a stroke.
1: 1 face asymmetrical, i.e. look for a crooked mouth.
2: 2 hands flat, check for unilateral weakness in both arms.
0: (Listening) Listen to speech, ask the patient to say a complete sentence and observe if there is slurred speech or difficulty in expression.
The last three numbers together form “120”, which means that if any of the above three symptoms are present, you should call 120 immediately for medical attention.
In addition, a small number of patients who bleed slowly may experience headaches, dizziness and, as the bleeding increases, coma, so they should also call the emergency services as soon as possible.

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