How to get all closed pimples out

Closed pimples can be discharged by the following methods.
First, consider topical application of topical medications containing retinoic acid ingredients, such as adapalene or vitamin A cream, which act to remove hyperkeratotic epidermis and dissolve occlusive pimples at the site of blockage, causing their contents to be discharged.
Secondly, salicylic acid or fruit acid peels can facilitate the discharge of acne, i.e. by applying glycolic acid, complex acid or supramolecular salicylic acid to the skin to remove the lipid plugs clogging the pores through neutralization and facilitate the discharge of internal substances.
Third, if necessary, you can go to a hospital or medical institution for needle clearing treatment, where the skin with closed pimples is routinely disinfected, and after disinfection, the epidermis is picked through with a special acne needle, and the clogged pimples are then picked out.

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