How to tell if a buck tooth is bony or dental

Both overgrown jaws and teeth protrusion due to abnormal tooth alignment can cause buck teeth and need to be differentiated as they are treated differently.
In many cases, maxillary hypoplasia is a family trait. In this type of patient, the lips do not close naturally when relaxed, the gums are exposed excessively when smiling, and when the mouth is forced to close, the lower lip and chin are raised in a walnut-like pattern, and the lips as a whole can be found to be very prominent when viewed from the side.
Buck teeth caused by dental crowding or anterior lip tilting protrusion, only the teeth protrude forward, the angle of the long axis of the teeth is tilted too much, the position of the upper jaw is normal, and the upper lip and the area around the nose are not protruding.
Patients can basically differentiate if they check themselves in the mirror by the above method, but for a more convenient and accurate judgment, they should go to a dental hospital or dentistry department to do X-ray cephalometric measurements to determine.

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