How to treat obstructive submandibular adenitis

The treatment of obstructive submandibular adenitis is mainly divided into symptomatic and etiologic treatment. Symptomatic treatment mainly includes: oral antibiotics and other adjuncts in light cases if the disease is detected early; intravenous fluids in heavy cases to prevent complications; a combination of etiologic treatment, antibiotic medication, and other symptomatic treatment in chronic cases; and surgical resection in cases of multiple recurrences. The main cause of obstructive submandibular adenitis is to find the cause of the disease. Obstructive submandibular adenitis is often caused by obstruction of the submandibular ducts by salivary stones or mucus or narrowing of the submandibular ducts, which can usually be treated by surgery or salivary gland endoscopy to remove salivary stones and clean the submandibular ducts.

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