The onset of headache is related to the individual patient. There is no need to panic when a headache strikes, what must headache sufferers pay attention to?

Newly occurring headache, especially at night leading to waking headache, i.e. waking up with pain.
An original history of headache, but a change in the degree, location, and nature of this headache.
Accompanied by fever, or other neurological signs, such as impairment of body movement or sensation.
Original more serious systemic disease, such as systemic tumor, rheumatic immune disease, accompanied by new headache, etc.
When any of the above occurs, patients are advised to promptly consult a neurologist or emergency room.
For patients with clearly diagnosed neurological headache, especially migraine and tension headache patients, pay attention to follow medical advice: live a regular life, eat a light diet, and avoid various triggering factors that have been identified, etc.

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