What are the characteristics of kidney stone kidney area pain?

The characteristics of kidney stone pain in the kidney area are usually determined by the size and location of the stone, usually dull pain or colic, dull pain is directly caused by the kidney stone, while colic usually occurs after the stone has stimulated the urinary system or formed an acute urinary tract obstruction, the degree is often more severe, and may even be accompanied by vomiting and syncope, kidney stone pain in the kidney area is usually accompanied by percussion pain in the cribriform angle, if it is a large stone in the renal pelvis or calcium stones can In the case of large stones in the renal pelvis or calyces, there may be no obvious clinical symptoms, or only a dull pain in the upper abdomen or lower back after activity.
If a kidney stone causes a more serious infection in the kidney area, the main symptom is swelling or pain in the lower back.

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