What causes pain in the scapula

There are many causes of scapular pain, such as trauma, inflammation, visceral tension, neuropathy, etc. It is generally seen in various types of soft tissue inflammation around the scapula (fasciitis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis), scapular lesion itself (fracture or fracture of the scapula, dislocation of the shoulder joint, inflammation of the scapula itself, primary tumor, metastatic tumor), angina pectoris, pleural lesion , hepatobiliary disease, etc.
Therefore, when there is scapular pain, you should go to the hospital in time and have imaging examinations, including ultrasound, X-ray, CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), blood tests, electrocardiogram, cardiac enzymology, troponin, pathological biopsy, pathogenic examinations and other related examinations, so as to clarify the cause and follow the medical advice to treat the cause.

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