What could be the cause of dry mouth even after drinking a lot of water?

Dry mouth is a common symptom in clinical practice. However, if dry mouth persists for a long period of time and is accompanied by symptoms such as polyuria, fatigue and dry eyes, you should be on the alert for the onset of the disease.
Diabetes mellitus can cause polyuria due to chronic elevation of blood sugar, which in turn causes thirst and excessive drinking. If excessive drinking, excessive urination, excessive eating and weight loss occur at the same time, the symptoms are clinically described as “three more and one less”. In middle-aged and older women, it is important to be on the lookout for dry eye and dry mouth syndrome, which is often associated with other multi-system organ involvement.
Dry mouth can also be caused by conditions such as uremia, hyperthyroidism and aldosteronism, and hospital consultation is recommended.

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