What exactly is soreness in the neck?

Neck pain is not a disease in itself but a clinical condition, of which the cervical spine is the most flexible and most frequently active segment of the body.
Diseases such as poor neck posture, cold and wet environments, cervical spondylosis, structural dysplasia of the cervical spine, neck trauma, cervical small joint syndrome and inflammation of the neck musculofascial can all cause neck pain by damaging the cervical spine and the muscles, fascia and joints of the neck. Even external cervical pathologies such as cervical tuberculosis, occipitocervical neuralgia, or vasoneuropathic headaches, infections of the inner ear or throat can cause neck pain.
Because of its connection between the head and trunk and its large extent, there are many causes of cervical pain. If there is significant pain in the neck that cannot be relieved, or if movement is restricted, it is advisable to seek prompt medical attention for a definitive diagnosis.

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