What is the most important thing to monitor daily for allergic asthma

The correct use of peak expiratory flowmetry and accurate asthma diary keeping is an important part of self-management for asthma patients and can be effective in preventing and reducing the number of asthma attacks.
Peak expiratory flow rate measurement is the easiest and most accessible method of detecting early asthma attacks. A decrease in maximum peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) before the onset of symptoms indicates that an acute asthma attack will occur if.
PEFR is between 80% and 100%: a safe zone, indicating ideal asthma control.
PEFR in the range of 50% to 80%: a warning zone, indicating an exacerbation of asthma and the need for prompt adjustment of the treatment regimen.
PEFR < 50%: is the danger zone, indicating severe asthma and the need for immediate hospital consultation.
The information obtained through the logbook helps doctors and patients to make a correct assessment of the severity of the disease, the level of control and the effectiveness of treatment, and allows them to summarise and analyse the pattern of asthma attacks and treatment, and to select and adjust medication accordingly.

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