What tests can be done for a clear diagnosis of petit mal seizures

An EEG for petit mal seizures can clarify the diagnosis. Petit mal seizures have unique pathological signs, and in general, doctors can basically make a diagnosis based on the patient’s seizure history and clinical symptoms. However, to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis, EEG examination should also be perfected.
The EEG during the onset of petit mal seizures can be seen as three spike discharges per second, which is in marked contrast to the EEG during the interictal period. However, the duration of petit mal seizures is short and it is difficult to acquire the EEG during the seizure period. Therefore, 24-hour ambulatory EEG is relatively more practical.
In addition, EEG can only provide a clear diagnosis of petit mal seizures, not the cause. Patients need to improve different types and directions of examinations such as brain CT examination, MRI examination and serological examination according to their individual conditions, which are important for the subsequent treatment.

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