What to do when a petit mal seizure occurs

The patient’s safety should be ensured when a petit mal seizure occurs, and medical treatment should be sought promptly after recovery of consciousness. There are many different types of petit mal seizures, and family members should treat them symptomatically.
Some petit mal seizures are mainly manifested by disorientation and myoclonus. Families should be careful not to shout and stimulate the patient. Some patients may fall down when they have a petit mal seizure. Family members should hold the patient to avoid falling and hitting the head. After the patient’s sanity is restored and symptoms disappear, he or she should seek medical examination and treatment at the first opportunity.
It is worth noting that the treatment cycle for petit mal seizures is long, and patients must complete the entire phase of treatment under the guidance of a doctor, and do not stop the medication on their own. Otherwise, the possibility of recurrence of petit mal seizures is high.

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