What does bleeding hemorrhoids look like

The bleeding of hemorrhoids is usually bright red in color, it is often manifested as dripping blood during stool, later on as the amount of blood in stool is larger, jet-like bleeding may occur, usually the bleeding stops after the stool. Bleeding is the main symptom of internal hemorrhoids, because internal hemorrhoids grow on the rectal mucosa, where the blood supply is rich, and they form due to the tortuous expansion of the blood vessels under the rectal mucosa, and later on, as the walls of the blood vessels become brittle, this bleeding is stimulated during stool, and when the bleeding volume is large, it may show jet-like bleeding. The bleeding of internal hemorrhoids is not painless bleeding and is not accompanied by pain. If the bleeding is painful, it may be accompanied by external hemorrhoids, because the main symptom of external hemorrhoids is pain.

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