What is Marrow Sealing Pill?

       Zheng Qin’an, a doctor of the Qing dynasty, “The True Tradition of Medical Science”: Sealing Marrow Dan is composed of Phellodendron Bark, Sandy Nut and Glycyrrhiza glabra. Zheng believes that Phellodendron Bark is bitter to the heart, endowed with the cold water of asparagus and enters the kidney, Glycyrrhiza glabra harmonizes the up and down, and can subdue the fire, so that the true fire is subdued, the bitterness of Phellodendron Bark and the glycyrrhiza glabra can transform the yin, and the standing of Sandy Nut and the glycyrrhiza glabra can transform the yang.  1、Sancai Seal Marrow Dan Seal Marrow Dan with Tian Dong, Shu Di and Ginseng was first seen in Health Treasure Book. The Three Talents Sealing Marrow Dan with Tian, Di and Ren strengthens the nourishing function of the upper, middle and lower jiao. Mr. Pu Fu-chou claims that it is beneficial to Yin and increases fluid, and tonifies earth and fire. Prof. Du Shaohui’s intention is to treat the symptoms caused by the deficiency of the seven yin and the deficiency of fire in the elderly. Nowadays, the clinical practice of Qi-Yin deficiency is mostly treated by adding flavor to Sheng Wei San, but Sheng Wei San favors the upper and middle jiao, while this formula treats all three jiao together, starting from the lower jiao kidney to cure the root, which is more in line with the disease mechanism of the elderly.  2、Naqi Seal the Marrow Dan Seal the Marrow Dan with bone marrow, cinnamon, and hosin. The formula uses cinnamon to strengthen the function of drawing fire back to the original source and returning qi to the kidney, and uses tonic bone fat to enter the kidney with pungent warmth, because the kidney’s evil is dryness, and the only one who moistens is pungent. The pungent pungent can transport the heart and kidney, so that the false floating Yang Qi through the hand Shao Yin heart meridian to the foot Shao Yin kidney meridian, so that the floating Yang Qi stored in the kidney. Therefore, the efficacy of returning Qi to the kidney is better than the original formula.  3、Fixing Yuan and sealing Marrow Dan. Professor Du imitates the secret element decoction method of Jing Yue’s “New Formula Eight Formations”. Where yin and yang are important, yang secret is solid, Zhang Xicun said that yam “can nourish yin and can benefit dampness, can smooth and can collect astringency, so it can nourish the lungs and kidneys and nourish the spleen and stomach. The yam is a double tonic, a medicine and three talents ready to receive floating yang, spleen, so that the normal production, transmission and metabolism of fluid. Modern people are often seen with hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and other diseases, the world’s doctors mostly refer to modern pharmacology, or use to resolve phlegm, or blood, or use to clear drainage, some of the results are not good. Professor Du believes that the root cause of such diseases lies in the dissipation of Yang, the powerlessness of promoting positive energy and the failure of the fluids to return to positive transformation.  4. Sealing the marrow with the yang and the marrow. Zheng used Sealing Marrow Dan to treat lumbar pain and hair spots, and in the formula explanation, it is said to be able to pungent and sweet to transform Yang. However, its power to support yang is weak after all. Therefore, the formula adds Radix et Rhizoma Polygonati and Cinnamon to tonify Kidney Yang, Atractylodes Macrocephala to tonify Spleen Yang, Zhi Mu to enhance the Yin tonifying power of Phellodendron, and Mu Butterfly to draw Yang into Yin. Some patients with paralysis have localized redness, swelling, heat and pain, and also see dryness of the mouth and throat and yellow urine. Drawing on the experience of Lu Chonghan’s “Fu Yang Jie Ji”, Prof. Du used Hui Yang Seal Marrow Dan for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and dry syndrome, and often received the benefit of curing the root cause.  5. Qian Yang Sealing Marrow Dan Sealing Marrow Dan with Radix Codonopsis, Tortoise Plate, Huai Niu Knee, Eucommiae, Ze Xie and Dan Shen. Zheng used Sealing Marrow Dan to treat headache. Inspired by Fei Bo Xiong’s treatment of evil fire with the addition of San Cai Tang, Professor Du named it Qian Yang Feng Marrow Dan with a slight addition and reduction. This formula is different from Zhen Liver and Quench Wind, which simply nourishes yin and quenches wind, because it nourishes yin while fixing yang, reflecting the principle of yin ping yang secret, and can be regarded as another method of submerging yang.

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