What is maxillary sinus septal sinusitis?

Many people have a CT of the head or a CT of the nose that indicates maxillary sinusitis or septal sinusitis. Maxillary sinusitis and septal sinusitis are sinusitis, usually due to the patient’s own rhinitis, often with a large amount of nasal discharge, or secondary to upper respiratory tract infection, the patient’s main symptoms are nasal congestion, yellow pus nasal discharge, sometimes headache, even with fever, general malaise, affecting the patient’s normal work and life. The main treatment is to apply antibiotics for anti-inflammation, as well as drugs to promote drainage, which are commonly used clinically, such as cefdinir dispersible tablets and cefixime dispersible tablets. At the same time, in order to keep the nasal cavity open, you can spray with tretinoin nasal spray, the condition will definitely improve after active treatment.

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