What is lacking in children’s mouth ulcers

Frequent mouth ulcers in children may be caused by a deficiency of B vitamins, usually B2, B6, B12, etc. There may also be a deficiency of trace elements, usually iron, zinc and copper. These micronutrient deficiencies may result in anemia, which can lead to mouth ulcers in children. In addition, there may also be a relationship with the child’s own resistance. If the child’s body immunity is relatively low, for example, there is a gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, poor hygiene in the mouth, will appear mouth ulcers. This should be actively supplemented with vitamins, folic acid, etc. You can also supplement multivitamin tablets and supplement with trace elements to correct anemia and immune function. Children can be supplemented with immune preparations, such as pidomod, transfer factor, thymidine, etc., and also with lyophilized powder of Fucortol, which can improve the immunity of the child’s organism and can reduce the occurrence of mouth ulcers.

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