What anti-inflammatory medicine for tongue ulcers

You can take vitamin C effervescent tablets to supplement the healing of ulcers. Patients with tongue ulcers are usually not advised to take systemic oral anti-inflammatory drugs, and are mostly treated with topical medications. Watermelon cream spray, mouth ulcer dispersion, and compound furacilin paste can be applied locally to the ulcer to reduce inflammation. Pain caused by tongue ulcers can affect speech and eating. Lidocaine gel can be applied or procaine gargle can be used to relieve pain. Topical application of recombinant human epidermal growth factor gel facilitates regenerative healing of mucosal tissue. In addition to medication, patients with tongue ulcers should avoid spicy and stimulating foods, drink more water, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. If there are sharp tooth tips, stumpy roots and crowns or bad restorations that can often bite the tongue or rub and scratch the tongue, correct the treatment in time.

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