How to treat ulcerative proctitis anal pain

  I’d like to know more about your condition. What does your right-sided abdominal pain mean, is it the right side of the navel or the right side of the rib cage above the navel, is it vague pain or cramping pain? Is there pus and blood in the diarrhea at the beginning and is there discharge in the stool? The anal cramping pain appears simultaneously with proctitis or as you said 3 days after the colonoscopy, does the cramping pain decrease when you are tired or sleep at night or do not deliberately focus on the anus?  I. According to your description it is certain that you have all 3 diseases and they will affect each other. As for the specific treatment plan I hope that after you answer my questions, I am considering it at my discretion.  Doctor: preferred discharge of appendicitis, colonoscopy to the ileocecal only ulcerative proctitis (left side of the abdomen), abdominal pain on the right side after meals may be a slight intestinal spasm, if still unsure, can do a full gastrointestinal barium meal, liver and biliary ultrasound to exclude. Anal cramps are related to rectal inflammation and sinusitis, and then there is a relationship with your concentration and emotions.  The actual fact is that you are able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money.   2, local yellow cypress liquid enema, oral ornidazole tablets, it is best to drink Chinese medicine to regulate the entire digestive tract, may receive twice the effect with half the effort.  3, if the effect of their own medication is not obvious or a long illness poor health, it is best to come here for a few days to stay in the hospital I help you comprehensive conditioning.  Second, my suggestions hope to help your condition.  Doctor: you can use the bolus in the morning, the night before bedtime cypress liquid plus two lidocaine retention enema. Ornidazole dispersible tablets (Gut) is 2 tablets once, twice a day, the specific dosage to tell me the dosage of the medicine you bought! Eat after meals will not be very irritating to the stomach. The other drugs will not be used first, it is still recommended that you take some Chinese medicine.  Doctor; Ornidazole can be eaten that way. Huangpai 100ml + lidocaine 2ml bedtime reserved enema, first three days, usually will not have side effects. Because you have more underlying diseases, I suggest you use the medicine carefully, it is best to come to my clinic for medical treatment, and then I will use the medicine at my discretion according to the individual situation.  Doctor: May it help you.  Patient: Description of condition (time of onset, main symptoms, hospital visited, etc.): The patient is male, 57 years old and in general health. On November 12, he was examined by colonoscopy at the local hospital, and the colonoscopy report showed no abnormality in the R-entering part, the ileocecal valve and the appendix opening. The mucosa of the rectum was congested and edematous from the anus to about 15 cm into the R. Scattered spots of erosion were seen. The rest of the mucosa of the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and sigmoid colon was smooth, with clear folds and regular intestinal motility.  Conclusion: blood test for ulcerative proctitis: immune colonic mucosal antibodies were positive. Now the main thing is sometimes pain on the right side of the abdomen; wasting. Dropping anal pain, standing, sitting walking powerful, and two sit bones pain, on the hot compress better. He was hospitalized locally for 19 days: levofloxacin, omeprazole, amino acid 188a, thymopentin intravenous drip; and 200mg of Rehabin solution enema every night. On the third day of hospitalization, he developed posterior weight internal urgency and anal cramping. On the sixth day, he switched to domestic mesalazine suppository 1g once a day, still with posterior urgency and anal cramping. On the 11th day, I changed to Telford Mesalazine suppository 0.5g twice a day, and it has been 2 weeks today. Especially afraid of cold. Lighter after the upper hot compress.  Stool 1 – 2 times a day basically formed, without mucus and blood. On November 15 (the 3rd day of colonoscopy), the anal pain started and is still painful. On December 6, anoscopy was done and the report was: congestion in the anal sinus water with a little mucus discharge. It was concluded to be anal sinusitis. Is there a connection between anal pain and ulcerative proctitis or is it sinusitis, proctitis, two diseases? The right side of the abdominal pain has been 1.5 months; levofloxacin, omeprazole drip for 15 days is not very useful, and the gastroscopy at the end of October was superficial gastritis. Is the abdominal pain on the right side related to the 12 fingers, small intestine or large intestine? How can I treat it? It’s painful! Thank you!  Patient: After being hospitalized on November 12, the abdominal distention and right side pain were lighter. At present, it is about 10-15cm lateral to the right side of the navel and 10cm up and down, sometimes on the right side under the rib cage, sometimes lateral to the right side of the navel, sometimes at the appendix, not very regular. It usually appears 7.8 minutes after drinking or eating, and is a vague pain. The appendix was removed in ’94. In July and August, the stool change is 2-3 times a day, once squatting, but not dilute, no pus and blood. In the past 2 months, the stool was basically once a day, basically formed, and sometimes a little discharge from the front end. On November 12, he was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis by colonoscopy and was hospitalized. Levofloxacin, omeprazole, amino acid 188a, and thymopentin were administered intravenously; 200mg of Rehabin solution was administered as an enema every night. Anal cramping pain appeared on the 15th.  Anoscopy was done on December 6 and reported as: congestion in the anal sinus water with a little mucus discharge. It was concluded to be anal sinusitis. The pain is relieved by lying down and resting, sleeping at night or not focusing on the anus deliberately. Sitting for a long time and standing for a long time, especially after walking outside in cool weather is particularly powerful, on the hot compress is better. Thank you, Professor Bai!  Patient: Does topical cypress solution enema have any effect on the use of mesalazine suppositories? Is Ornidazole tablets a treatment for abdominal pain or for sinusitis, and how big is the dosage? Can bad stomach be aggravated by taking the medicine? Will Ornidazole suppositories work? Thank you very much, Professor Bai!  Patient: Hello Professor Bai, I have bought Ornidazole Dispersible Tablets (Henan Tianfang Pharmaceutical Company), the instructions suggest 2 tablets once, twice a day, is it okay for me to take them as they are? How many milliliters of yellow cypress liquid with two lidocaine retention enemas at night before bedtime, with or without saline? Lidocaine is a numbing agent, is there any side effects? Ten days ago, I saw a local TCM doctor who said that my spleen, stomach and kidneys were deficient, so I stopped drinking Chinese medicine for two days because of the pain in the right side of my stomach and intestines.  I have coronary heart disease and am currently only taking Betalac and Xinkang, and have stopped taking aspirin. I am sickly and weak, so I don’t know how to regulate my body, and I am waiting to go to Jinan to see a doctor in person. Many thanks to Prof. Bai for his enthusiastic help!

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