What to know before myopic excimer surgery

  1. Stop wearing soft contact lenses, such as Dr. Len, for 1 week; hard contact lenses, RGP for 2 weeks; keratoconus for 4 weeks, and go to the hospital for examination. You can wear frame glasses.  2、Not keloid. Wounds heal well after skin scratches, not accompanied by raised nodules, no itching, redness, and not healing for a long time (usually 7-10 days to heal). If you are not sure, please go to the dermatology department except for keloid.  3, normal eyes, no redness, no eye discharge in the morning.  Do not drive for the first examination and prepare a pair of sunglasses that put UV light.  Out-of-town patients: come to the Excimer Center for examination on Monday, review on Tuesday, have surgery on Wednesday, can go home after review on Thursday, and can be reviewed locally at 1 week or 1 month after surgery. Cost: 288 RMB for examination, 150 RMB for medicine, and 7,500 to 9,500 RMB for surgery.

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