How long does it take to drink vinegar to lower blood pressure?

  Drinking vinegar to lower blood pressure is only an auxiliary treatment means, and its effect of lowering blood pressure is weak, so it is difficult to achieve the exact effect simply by drinking vinegar to lower blood pressure.  Hypertension is divided into primary hypertension and secondary hypertension, among which secondary hypertension has clear causes, such as renal artery stenosis, aldosteronism, etc., which need to be treated for the causes. If the cause can be removed, hypertension can be cured, and drinking vinegar cannot achieve the therapeutic effect. In addition, the cause of primary hypertension is not completely clear yet, and there is no cure yet, but the blood pressure can be controlled within the ideal range by medication and life intervention. Drinking vinegar is a life intervention method, which may have certain effect of lowering blood pressure, but it lacks the support of relevant data, so it is recommended to use regular medication.  In addition, because long-term hypertension can bring related complications, so patients should not blindly follow the trend and listen to the prescriptions for treatment, but should go to the cardiology department of regular hospital for early control of blood pressure within a reasonable range to avoid affecting their health.

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