How long does it take to remove a cast from a fracture?

  The time to remove the cast from a fracture is after the fracture has healed, which usually takes about 6 weeks.  In general, the time of fracture healing in clinical practice is directly related to the fracture site and its own condition, and most conventional fracture healing cycles are around 4-6 weeks, so it is more appropriate to remove the cast in about 6 weeks. Of course, it also depends on the specific site, for example, a distal radius fracture may be removed and replaced with a brace in 4 weeks because the cancellous bone heals faster. Some patients may have delayed healing or even non-healing fractures for their own reasons, and such patients should not remove the cast at will. In clinical practice, for patients with cast fixation, most of the patients are recommended to have X-ray examination to determine the growth of the fracture before removing the cast. If the fracture is growing well, the cast can be removed, but if the fracture line is clear and there is no sign of healing, the cast should not be removed at will.  In addition, the patient should pay attention to elevate the affected limb after the cast is applied, and observe the peripheral blood circulation of the limb, and seek medical attention when symptoms such as purple, blue, numbness and pain occur.

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