What should I do if my baby has a stuffy nose?

  The probability and frequency of rhinosinusitis in children has increased significantly due to various factors, such as the poor physical condition of children and air pollution.  Because of the poor health of children, it is easy to cross-infection; moreover, the developmental characteristics of small children, who do not excrete phlegm and blow their noses, lead to difficult to heal rhinitis and recurrent attacks.  If left untreated, it may be accompanied by headache, prolonged nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing at night, and even accompanied by adenoid hypertrophy, which requires surgical treatment and is very troublesome.  Here we recommend a simple and easy-to-use pediatric Tuina technique that can effectively treat rhinosinusitis, help nasal discharge, help recovery from rhinitis, and also have an auxiliary effect on pediatric fitness enhancement.  This method of massage is divided into three steps: rubbing the nasal pass point → rubbing the Yingxiang point → pushing the root of the nose.  1, rubbing the nasal pass point nasal pass point, also known as the upper Yingxiang, is located in the middle of the nose on both sides of the nasolabial groove. The position shown in the picture above is the nasal passage point. Parents should rub this point with their thumbs, while the other four fingers fix the child’s head. The force is not too light, not too heavy, rubbing fifty times. It has a very good effect on the nasal passage.  2, rubbing Yingxiang point Yingxiang point in the nasolabial groove on both sides of the nostrils. As in the picture above.  The Yingxiang point is the starting point of the stomach meridian, the junction of the large intestine and stomach meridians. As the name suggests, a lot of nasal congestion, the size of friends, can not smell, press this point can “meet the fragrance”. It has a very good effect of opening the nasal passages.  In addition, this point also has a very good role in stopping toothache, but all on toothache, are available with this point with the Hegu point pressure.  3, push the nasal root parents with both hands eight fingers fixed child’s head, left and right take turns with the thumb from the root of the nose from above downward push. Well, temporarily borrowed this figure.  Each side pushed fifty times. The effect can be taken.  The above three actions, together, will not take more than ten minutes.  During the process, the child may be more difficult to do, but after doing it will be very comfortable. The process of doing it is good to comfort him.  If the child cries a lot, you can do it after he falls asleep.  These three actions are commonly used by the deputy director of the Dongguan Children’s Hospital’s ear, nose and throat Jan Jiang, and after clinical observation, they do have a very good effect.  Diet and living In addition, a common physical condition of children is that the lungs and spleen are not enough. This physique is related to the growth and development characteristics of children on the one hand, and also related to the usual diet and living habits. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine? It is said in the chapter “The Beginning of All Diseases”: “Heavy cold hurts the lungs.” The Book of Difficulties? The “Forty-nine difficulties” says: “Sadness and thought is sad, the form of cold drinking cold is hurt lung.” Children should avoid eating cold drinks and fruits during rhinitis attacks, and should pay attention to keeping warm.  Children with poor spleen and stomach, during the remission period of rhinitis, can also often do the six methods of massage to regulate the spleen and stomach, as shown in the previous article.  In addition, the above method of rubbing the nasal passages and Yingxiang points is also applicable to adults with rhinitis. It can also be combined with acupuncture points such as Hegu.  Herbal food therapy In terms of usual dietary therapy, Dr. Jan Jiang also recommends it. Different body types use different dietary treatments. But be careful to use it only for older children, and be careful to filter out the dregs, bones and spines to prevent accidental swallowing.


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