What are the ways to maintain health in winter?

Winter rest time should be “early to bed and late to rise”, the best time to get up after the sun comes out. Because early to bed can maintain the body’s Yang Qi, keep the body warm, and late to get up can raise the body’s Yin Qi. When you get up again at sunrise, you can avoid the cold and seek its warmth. Do not sleep with your head covered in warmth. The air in the blanket does not circulate, oxygen will be less and less, and over time, the air becomes turbid. People sleep in such an environment, they will feel chest tightness, nausea or wake up from sleep, sweating, and the next day will feel fatigue. Winter protection three warm 1, head warm: head exposure to cold stimulation, blood vessels will contract, head muscles will be tense, easy to cause headaches, colds, and even cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 2, back warm: cold stimulation can affect the local muscles or pass into the internal organs through the back acupuncture points, endangering health. In addition to causing back pain, back cold can also affect the upper and lower limb muscles and joints, internal organs through the cervical and lumbar spine, promoting a variety of discomfort. 3, foot warm: once the feet are cold, can reflexively cause capillary constriction within the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, cilia swing slowed down, resistance decreased. The consequence is that viruses and bacteria take advantage of the situation and multiply, making people catch a cold. Winter three methods 1, hot water soaking feet: before going to bed with 55-70 degrees Celsius hot water soaking feet, both to relieve fatigue, but also help sleep. The human foot acupuncture points, in the hot water soaking, Shujin, accelerate blood circulation, play a role in the prevention and treatment of diseases, especially for frostbite, varicose veins in the foot patients. 2, cold water washing face: in winter, facial skin due to the stimulation of low temperature, capillaries are contracted. Wash your face with hot water, you will feel warm at that time, once the heat is dissipated, the capillaries are back to their original state, so a rise and shrinkage, easy to make facial skin wrinkles. The morning with cold water to wash your face, you will have a head clear eyes feeling. The stimulation of cold water can improve facial blood circulation, but also to enhance skin elasticity. Its winter health effects also lies in: enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, prevent colds, rhinitis, neurological headaches of neurasthenia is also beneficial. Of course, the temperature of cold water can not be too low, to slightly above 10 degrees Celsius is appropriate. 3, warm water brushing teeth: medical experts on dental ecological investigation shows that the human teeth in 35-36.5 degrees Celsius oral temperature can carry out normal metabolism. If you often give your teeth to the sudden cold and hot stimulation, long will cause bleeding and spasm of the dental pulp, and even lead to periodontitis, gingivitis and other diseases. Therefore, rinsing with warm water at about 35 degrees Celsius is beneficial to dental health, and also helps to remove food debris and bacteria from the teeth, so as to protect the teeth and reduce oral diseases. The most important thing is that you will be able to get the best out of your life. In winter, the body’s yang energy is hidden and the yin essence is fixed, which is the accumulation stage of the body’s energy, so it is a good season for people who are weak to take tonic. Winter is a good season for people with physical weakness, but the reasons for “deficiency” vary, so the tonic should vary from person to person and from body to body. Winter tonic also need to be divided into men and women, young and old, people need to go through different stages of development and physiological changes in their lives. At each stage, the internal organs of the human body have different degrees of changes in qi and blood and yin and yang, and the habits of people at each age and the situation of study and work are also different, therefore, according to these changes to benefit the body. Children’s internal organs are delicate, easy to deficient and easy to real, and often do not know how to control the diet, resulting in damage to the spleen and stomach, its winter tonic, when the spleen and stomach should be the main, can eat poria, hawthorn, jujube, barley, etc.. And young students study day and night, often rest sleep, heart and spleen or heart and kidney deficiency, its winter tonic can be used in the lotus seeds, shouwu, etc.. Many middle-aged people carry a heavy load, do not pay attention to rest, and lead to qi and blood depletion, so the winter tonic to nourish qi and blood, can eat longan meat, astragalus, angelica, etc.. The elderly are physically weak, plus suffering from a variety of diseases, so the elderly must be supplemented in winter. When the elderly are not sick, they can use Dulcimer, Shou Wu, etc. If you have a disease, you must identify the evidence for tonic. Winter tonic is not too aggressive. The purpose of tonic is to regulate various body functions and make the body healthier, but if the tonic is too biased, it will be harmful and the body will suffer another injury. For example, although the yin deficiency, but a large dose of yin without attention to moderation, too much yin supplementation, but curb injury to Yang Qi, resulting in the body Yin cold condensation, Yin Sheng Yang decay of gas. Therefore, the supplement should be moderate and appropriate.

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