What’s with the panic attacks?

Panic in old age may be related to physiological phenomena, anemia, coronary heart disease and so on.
1. Physiological phenomenon: such as long-term stress, long-term late-night sleep deprivation may cause panic attacks.
2. Anemia: a decrease in the hemoglobin content of the blood, the ability to carry oxygen will be insufficient, may also cause symptoms of panic, may also be accompanied by dizziness, fatigue symptoms.
3. Coronary heart disease: generally because of overwork and other factors cause myocardial oxygen consumption increases, coronary artery stenosis, will cause myocardial ischemia, causing reflex blood pressure increases, heart rate accelerated, the symptoms of panic.
It is recommended that the old panic should go to the hospital in time to improve the examination, identify the cause of the treatment under the guidance of the doctor.

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