How many days does a spontaneous miscarriage usually bleed?

After a woman has a spontaneous abortion, the bleeding lasts for about 3-7 days and usually does not exceed 1 week. After a woman has a spontaneous abortion, there is a small amount of accumulated blood present in the uterine cavity. The mucosal tissue in the uterus will also shed and need to be expelled from the body, which takes about a week. Each person has a different body type and recovery ability, so the bleeding time may also vary. You should pay more attention to the bleeding situation. If you find that there is still bleeding for more than half a month, you should promptly go to the hospital for relevant examinations to determine if there are residues. You can do ultrasound examination, if you find residue, according to the size of the residue, you can choose to carry out medication, or to do the clearance surgery to remove the residue. Women should pay attention to rest after spontaneous abortion and should not have sex within a month.

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