Can fried eggs with sesame oil cure cough

There is no scientific basis for frying eggs with sesame oil to treat cough. Eggs are originally a high-protein, high-cholesterol diet, and sesame oil is a fatty diet, both of which are poorly digested. When you have a cough, your digestive function may be reduced, so eating too many fried eggs with sesame oil may cause indigestion, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on. When a cough occurs, it is usually important to distinguish between a cough with an external sensation and a cough with an internal injury. External coughs are also classified as wind-cold, wind-heat, or dryness that injures the lungs. If it is a wind-cold cough, you can use Sanjiao tablets and Anti-cough San. If it is a wind-heat cough, use Mulberry Ju Drink. If it is dryness that attacks the lung, you can treat it with Mulberry and Apricot Tang with addition and reduction. If the cough is caused by internal injury, there are differences between phlegm-heat internalized, phlegm-dirt internalized, liver fire offending the lung and yin deficiency and lung dryness. In the case of phlegm-heat internalization, Qing Jin Hua Phlegm Tang should be used. If the lung is congested with phlegm and turbidity, Er Chen Wan and San Zi Yang Yin Tang can be used. If liver fire is offending the lung, use Dai Clam San and Baicalin Diabai San. If the lung is dry with Yin deficiency, use Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang for treatment.

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