Can multiple cysts in the cervix heal on their own?

  Usually, cervical multilocular cysts do not heal on their own. Cervical multilocular cysts are caused by long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation, resulting in physiological changes in the cervix that usually do not heal on their own, but are clinically asymptomatic and do not require treatment.  Cervical multilocular cysts, also known as cervical multilocular nidus, are a type of chronic cervicitis. The cyst is formed because the opening of the cervical gland is blocked, resulting in the inability to discharge the secretion from the gland, and because multiple cervical glands become blocked, a cervical multilocular cyst is formed. Patients often have no clinical manifestations and are mostly detected during gynecological examinations. Malignant changes rarely occur and usually do not require special treatment and can be reviewed regularly. If patients have symptoms such as abdominal pain and contact bleeding, they should go to gynecology department in time to have anti-inflammatory treatment after clarifying the cause, and if necessary, cervical cyst surgery is also feasible, which should be avoided during menstruation to prevent postoperative infection.  Cervical multiple cysts need to be reviewed regularly to understand the cysts, and cervical cancer screening should be performed annually to detect precancerous lesions and cervical cancer.

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