Male 18 years old often masturbate, private odor, penis root grow hard pack how to cure

The 18-year-old male often masturbate, private odor and penis root long hard bags may not pay attention to personal hygiene, the foreskin glans inflammation, sebaceous cysts and so on, according to the different causes of the disease can be through the general treatment, medication and surgical treatment to improve the symptoms. 1. Pay attention to personal hygiene: private odor may be due to excessive masturbation and do not pay attention to hygiene, patients need to reduce the frequency of masturbation, and pay attention to personal hygiene, often change and wash intimate apparel, use warm water to wash the penis and glans. 2. circumcision and glans: if the patient often masturbation, the foreskin and glans mucous skin damage is prone to inflammation, there may be a private odor, penis redness, swelling, penile head congestion, pus and so on. You can use itraconazole, gentamicin and other drugs under the guidance of the doctor for treatment, and if necessary, you can also use potassium permanganate solution, boric acid water and so on to wash the affected area externally. 3. Sebaceous cysts: sebaceous cysts are commonly known as comedones, because the sebaceous gland excretory ducts are blocked and the formation of retention cysts, the patient’s penis root of the hard bag may be caused by sebaceous cysts. If the hard pack forms an abscess, it needs to be incised and drained before surgical removal. There are many reasons that can cause malodor in the private parts and hard packs at the root of the penis, so it is recommended that patients go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and then actively treat it. The above drugs need to be used under the guidance of a doctor, patients should not be arbitrary self-medication.

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