What to prepare before gastroscopy?

  The prerequisite for accurate gastroscopy and colonoscopy lies in excellent preoperative preparation, including diet, intestinal cleansing and laboratory tests.  1. Diet: (1) Gastroscopy: fasting and water 12 hours before the examination, and fasting in the morning before the examination. If there is pyloric obstruction and other factors that cause delayed gastric emptying, a longer fasting time may be required.  (2) Colonoscopy: generally do colonoscopy in the afternoon, prepare for colonoscopy operation three days before the liquid diet, less food with residue or more fiber, so as not to affect the intestinal preparation. The morning of the day of the operation can eat a liquid diet, about 9:00 a.m. to start cleaning the intestines, fasting at noon, and prepare to do colonoscopy in the afternoon.  2, clean intestinal tract: colonoscopy before the preparation is generally: (1) magnesium sulfate (40-80g, according to personal circumstances, the amount of discretionary control), mixed with a small amount of water and taken orally in small doses, and then drink about 2000ml of warm water; (2) 250ml of mannitol, 1 bottle, taken orally in small doses, and then drink about 2000ml of warm water, the amount of drinking water can be adjusted according to the discharge of stool, until clean until it is clean. The sign of clean intestinal tract is: the discharged stool is basically clear water without any fecal residue, so that the intestinal tract can be considered clean, otherwise if the intestinal tract is poorly prepared, there is a lot of fecal water with residue when performing colonoscopy, which will prolong the operation time, on the one hand, increase the patient’s pain, on the other hand, easy to miss the lesion.  3, laboratory tests: general inspection of the preoperative quick test three (including hepatitis B, hepatitis C and AIDS).

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