Precautions and contraindications after hemi-femtosecond surgery

After semi-femtosecond laser surgery, you need to pay attention to develop reasonable eye habits, follow the doctor’s instructions to use medication, keep your eyes clean and avoid strenuous exercise, avoid spicy and stimulating food and so on. 1. Develop good eye habits, avoid excessive use of electronic products or often stay up late, which will affect the recovery after surgery. 2. Follow the doctor’s instructions for medication: during the period of medication, we should pay attention to regular review in the hospital, according to the recovery of the situation at any time to adjust the program of medication. 3. Keep your eyes clean to avoid dirt getting into your eyes and increasing the risk of infection. You can wear postoperative protective goggles to prevent it. 4. Avoid strenuous exercise that will affect the healing of the cornea after surgery. For example, lifting weights, jumping and so on. 5. Avoid contact with spicy and stimulating food, avoid contact with fried, sweet and greasy food, in order to prevent affecting the recovery of the eyes. After the half femtosecond surgery to correct the habits of work and rest, to ensure that the eyes in a normal state of recovery.

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