What’s going on with the increasing number of small red dots on the skin?

Small red dots growing on the skin more and more may be associated with viral rash, eczema, urticaria, purpura situation. 1. Viral rash: it may be caused by viral infection, the typical symptom is the appearance of red dots on the body, and the red dots are more and more, accompanied by fever phenomenon, there is no pain and itching symptoms. 2. Eczema: Eczema occurs due to the stimulation of internal and external factors, which can be manifested as the appearance of red dots on the body, which will become more and more, and accompanied by obvious itching symptoms, and the area may also be relatively small blisters. 3. Urticaria: due to a variety of factors such as drugs, food, inhalants, etc., triggering the skin to appear red spots, in the disease is not controlled, will lead to more and more red spots, accompanied by symptoms of itching. 4. Purpura: common in allergic purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, clinically manifested as a gradual increase in petechiae and ecchymosis, with or without abdominal pain, joint pain and other symptoms. It can also cause an increasing number of small red dots on the skin. As the cause of the disease may also be other, the patient can best go to the dermatology department in time to get a clear diagnosis.

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