What medication can I take to get rid of lumps in my breasts?

Breast enlargement cannot usually be eliminated by medication, and patients can undergo surgical treatment to eliminate the lumps. Breast enlargement is usually caused by endocrine disorders resulting in too much estrogen. In case of mild breast hyperplasia, there is usually thickening of the glands, and the patient may have some discomfort in the form of swelling, pinprick pain or burning sensation or soreness. Symptoms can be relieved by taking medications such as Prosperity and Breast Fetish. In case of severe breast hyperplasia with breast nodules, which seriously affects the patient’s life and work, the lumps can be eliminated by localized hyperplastic gland removal. It is recommended that patients with breast hyperplasia go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of the disease under the guidance of a professional doctor for proper treatment, so as to avoid delays in the condition, and do not take medication privately to appear adverse reactions.

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