How to differentially diagnose chronic bronchitis

The differential diagnosis of chronic bronchitis mainly includes the following points: 1. bronchial asthma, bronchial asthma starts at a younger age, often with a personal and family history of allergic diseases, usually without a history of chronic cough and sputum, characterized by episodic asthma, croup can be heard during asthma attacks, and can be rapidly relieved by timely inhalation of salbutamol at the onset; 2. pulmonary tuberculosis, most patients with pulmonary tuberculosis have tuberculosis poisoning and local Most patients with tuberculosis have tuberculosis toxicity and local symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, night sweats, wasting, coughing up blood, etc. The diagnosis can be made clearly by X-ray examination and sputum tuberculosis examination; 3, bronchiectasis, bronchiectasis has the characteristics of coughing and coughing up sputum repeatedly, and a large amount of pus sputum or repeated coughing up blood when coughing with co-infection. The presence of pestle finger in bronchial dilatation, X-ray examination can see lung texture flocculation or curly messy shadow, further differentiation can be made by bronchography or CT examination; 4, lung cancer, lung cancer patients are generally over 40 years old, there is a long-term smoking history. Lung cancer should be considered when irritating cough occurs or when the patient repeatedly coughs up blood or has a chronic cough, which makes the nature change. x-ray examination can reveal lumpy shadow or nodular shadow. However, the diagnosis can usually be clarified by imaging as well as trans-fiber biopsy and percutaneous lung biopsy.

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